Tree Skills

Forest Scene

// Arborist - pruning, tree care & removal

I specialise in abseiling high trees for felling or trimming jobs, this may be necessary for removal of large trees. Trees that are over buildings are another area of expertise, overhanging branches require special techniques and equipment. 

I enjoy letting light into dark areas, and enhancing the beauty and life expectancy of decorative trees.

An ultra high prune
Removal over native
Roger dismantling a huge marcocarpora
 Taking down a huge tree


Aboriculture Qualifications

I hold a Diploma of Arboriculture (Lincoln), have developed and am now harvesting a 30 hectare continuous canopy forest, and am a keen horticulturalist.  My forestry-based qualifications include planting, selection, thinning, pruning, felling, log preparation, environmental regulations and Advanced First Aid. I also have a Civil Defence Team Leaders Certificate, experience and qualifications as a DOC volunteer fire-fighter, and enjoy abseiling.

Tree Work Experience

I specialise in difficult felling situations, abseiling to remove aerial problems or to dismantle trees that are too big to fell. I also enjoy remedial work to improve the attractiveness and life expectancy of trees in garden landscapes.

I joint-venture with my son's company,, for larger or more difficult contracts.

I contract to Fulton & Hogan, and McBreens for the removal of hazardous trees on the roadsides, working with assistance from diggers, bulldozers, etc., and am a consultant arborist for Far North District Council.

Tree Care Challenges

  • Dismantling a 1 m thick macrocarpa above an established garden, piece by piece
  • Removing trees that were hanging over roofs
  • Topping, trimming and thinning a 30m tall macrocarpa hedge between two houses to transform an eyesore into a feature

Aborist Availability

I prefer to work in the Far North and am generally booked two weeks ahead, so it is a good idea to contact me now.